DynamicRoll® self-repairing roll-up doors are the technological evolution of pvc strips doors or heavy folding doors, now obsolete and not suited to today’s industrial needs. DynamicRoll® doors were designed to meet the requirements of different working environments.

High-quality panels,resistive safety edge fitted to the bottom edge of the door, sensors, photocells and barriers make this product both safe and durable, being totally self-repairing, thanks to its special “Anti Crash System”.

DynamicRoll® are high-speed flexible doors, with a perimeter structure in galvanized or stainless steel, which is ideal for sliding panels. The door panel rides effortlessly within a track, thanks to the special profile and hinge designed by us, requiring low maintenance. The panel is rolled up on a roller placed within the upper crossbeam.

DynamicRoll® models can be equipped with a counterweight or ups batteries, to fully open the door in case of power failure, and can also be equipped with large transparent sections to create a brighter and safer working environment.

DynamicRoll® doors are ideal for: 
– Car washes, where noise abatement and water/vapour containment are ensured by our DynamicRoll Washmodel;
– sectors requiring the use of Clean Rooms, and then an aseptic space (air up to 20,000 times cleaner than the external environment), a problem that can be solved with our DynamicRoll Clean Rooms model;
– the Food Industry, where hygiene is crucial and many problems can be solved (such as condensation on the surface of the panel in curing rooms) with DynamicRoll Food Inox and Dynamic Roll Food PE models;
– Industrial Refrigeration, where constant temperatures ranging from 0° to 40° are ensured, even when the door is opened and closed many times a day, by DynamicRoll Frigo 1 and DynamicRoll Frigo 2 models;
– Mass retailers, requiring safe and high speed solutions, to protect both the staff and people in general;
– Any industry/sector requiring a careful partition of different areas, noise abatement and safe and rapid transit operations, as ensured by DynamicRoll Classic model.

All our DynamicRoll® self-repairing roll-up doors have no rigid elements and are controlled by a single phase 220v or a three-phase 380v control panel, both with a frequency inverter. They are designed for intensive and continuous use in industrial environments.

  • Excelencia cualitativa, fiabilidad y seguridad, gracias al resultado de las patentes y certificados de nuestros inventos y propiedades
  • Gran versatilidad, flexibilidad y resistencia estructural
  • Garantía de certificación a través de determinados CSI
  • Ocupan muy poco espacio gracias a la sección de bobinado especial del perfil curvo.
  • Ausencia de dimensiones terrestres
  • Bajo nivel de ruido durante el movimiento de apertura y cierre
  • Gran resistencia térmica
  • Gran resistencia al viento
  • Capaz de resolver diversos problemas de logística industrial
  • Ausencia de anclajes al techo, a diferencia de las puertas seccionales tradicionales
  • Simplicidad de diseño estructural
  • Mantenimiento semestral
  • Rapidez en el montaje
  • Permiten gran velocidad en el manejo de medios, materiales y personas.
  • Embalaje en jaulas de madera
  • Cumplimiento de las normas técnicas exigidas por la legislación pertinente
  • Autorreparables
  • Productos industriales, pero artesanales de calidad fabricados en Italia o España

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