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How We Work


This phase marks the beginning of the life cycle of the product. After a first contact, our sales team collects all information related to the needs of our potential customer. This information is then analysed in detail together with our engineering and technical team, a group of highly qualified professionals who also deal with research and development within the company.
Then, the optimal solution to meet the needs of the customer is processed through tests and simulations.
What is really important at this early stage is our ability to create projects able to ensure noise mitigation even in the most critical areas, thanks to the sound reduction index of our insulated roll-up doors, resulting from the use of a polyurethane foam core within the steel section.


Our industrial doors are manufactured entirely within our company, at one of our facilities located in Italy. Engineering production starts with the processing of high-grade steel plates, which are bent and shaped by skilled workers through the use of powerful brakes and the laser, to produce a special section for each type of high-speed door.
After this phase, according to customer requirements, the product can be transferred to a dedicated area where it is painted according to his needs. A ?hot oven? system, which uses electrostatic charge, allows us to paint our doors with the most innovative systems in the field of industrial painting. Special powerful and calibrated engines are used to lift the synthetic fabric worked by skilled artisans with the most advanced welding and cutting technologies. Specialised installers, then, assemble and test every door, before installing it.


Product assembly is defined already during the design phase, according to our customer’s needs, in order to ensure transparency. Our doors are installed by highly qualified staff, to offer an impeccable service.


Our excellent quality and low maintenance products are the first guarantee we offer to our customers, but we also offer a special after-sales technical support service, with the help of our skilled technicians, available throughout the country, to support our customers even after the sale.
Our technically trained and experienced staff will offer a support service able to solve any kind of technical issue reported, including routine and extraordinary maintenance of both doors and shutters. Such service is offered to solve problems of all models and brands of industrial doors.
Just fill out the support form and our staff will get back to you within 24 hours. We also offer a scheduled maintenance service.