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Why Choose Bmp
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Italian production and quality

BMP designs and manufactures its rapid doors and all other products in Italy and distributes them worldwide.
We specialise in the design of industrial doors, roll-up doors, rapid doors, commercial doors, insulated doors, industrial shutters, doors for large openings and, more generally, industrial closures of all kinds.


Advantages and quality of B.M.P. industrial high-speed doors.

In-depth knowledge of mechanics combined with technological automation, experience in the field of industrial doors designed to easily and safely handle means, materials and people, technical skills: that is why we are a leading company in the field. Our patents and certificates, resulting from remarkable investments in research and development over the years, ensure reliability and the excellent quality of our products, which are all Made In Italy and certified by CSI.
Our high-quality industrial doors are functional, innovative, versatile, safe, durable, technologically advanced and designed to solve different industrial logistics problems, while ensuring safe handling in accordance with applicable law under the EC European standards.
Our doors are designed for all industrial sectors, including? highly specialised sectors, such as the airport industry, logistics, mass retailers, the composting industry, the food and farming industry, the automotive sector and all those industrial sectors that require the use of clean rooms. Our industrial doors are specifically designed for each single industrial sector, with custom solutions able to meet every need. In particular, our insulated roll-up doors are able to solve difficult problems, such as soundproofing or the need to ensure specific temperature parameters required for certain work areas.
Our customers are important, that is why, through our network of technicians available throughout the country, we provide technical support to select, install and maintain our products. We help any company to solve the most diverse and complex issues of separation and demarcation, offering logistic solutions both for loading and unloading areas and for warehouses in general. We also provide technical support to customers whose industrial doors were not installed by our technicians or not manufactured by our company.