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Industrial doors for big compartments

Large industrial doors are designed to ensure maximum versatility, resistance and safety in closing wide industrial compartments.

Designed for intensive use with ongoing service in industrial environments, the extra large motorized doors are made with steel structure, PVC sheet or aluminium panels and are characterized by the total absence of ground guides, so as not to constitute an obstacle to the passage of personnel and vehicles.

In addition, the resistive safety edge inserted in the lower edge of the sheet and the side photocells guarantee maximum safety when closing large openings.

Among the models of BMP industrial doors, the most suitable for closing large compartments are the high speed fold up doors Pack, designed to ensure maximum structural resistance even in extreme environmental conditions (in the different variants Megapack, Industry and Crane), the pvc fabric roll-up doors, ideal for intensive and continuous use in safety for vehicles and operators, and industrial roller shutter doors.

Each BMP industrial door is tailor-made taking into account all the structural and geographical characteristics of the installation site: presence of strong winds or sustained air movements, external and internal operating temperatures, noise pollution, as well as the shape of the shed or structure.

Areas of application for large doors

Large industrial overhead doors are the ideal solution for the enclosure of warehouses and large buildings in many industrial sectors:

Hangars and shipyards, environments often subject to extreme weather conditions. BMP’s large industrial doors are designed to guarantee maximum resistance to wind and airflow, as well as protecting the vehicles from any agent, from cold, rain or salt.

Environmental and composting, a sector characterized by the continuous flow of heavy and bulky vehicles, as well as the need to keep organic materials or waste well separated from the external environment. BMP industrial doors designed for this sector combine high performance, structural strength and a high level of insulation, both in terms of thermo-acoustic and fumes.

Large industrial facilities (e.g. in the chemical, engineering, metallurgical sectors) where not only high resistance to atmospheric agents, high temperatures, possible impacts, but also high performance is required to guarantee the correct execution of logistic operations. The fast and safe passage of operators and vehicles is favoured by the absence of ground guides, reducing the risk of accidents to a minimum.

  • Excellent quality, reliability and safety, as stated by our patents and certificates
  • Great versatility, flexibility and structural strength
  • CSI certificates
  • Reduced overall dimensions, thanks to the curved profile of our roll-up doors
  • Small footprint
  • Noiseless opening and closing system
  • High thermal conductivity
  • Wind resistance
  • Designed to solve different industrial logistics problems
  • No ceiling anchor, unlike traditional sectional doors
  • Simple design
  • No extraordinary maintenance required, just the ordinary maintenance required by the rules in force
  • Easy to install
  • Easy and fast handling operations (means, materials and people)
  • High-quality packaging with the use of polystyrene boxes
  • Compliance with technical standards provided by law
  • Self-repairing doors
  • Industrial products that guarantee the same quality craftsmanship of Made in Italy
  • Product branding on request

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