Doors for sheds and warehouses

The industrial warehouse doors designed and installed by BMP are the most versatile and efficient solution for the closure of industrial and corporate buildings, of any size and for any field of application.

Unlike classic folding doors, industrial warehouse doors designed and installed by BMP meet the needs of modern companies, including safety and speed of opening and closing to support faster and faster logistics operations.

The various roll-up doors solutions are used as shed doors and warehouse doors to divide the internal and external space, guaranteeing the highest standards of safety and thermal and acoustic insulation. Thanks to the tailor-made design of insulated doors, it is possible to isolate and divide areas with different characteristics that must remain divided, for example in the industrial refrigeration or food industry.

Shutters for industrial buildings are solid and versatile closures: in this way, it is possible to create a strong barrier between the building or warehouse and the outside environment, and to allow fast and safe transit without creating any obstacle for handling operations or logistic workflows.

All BMP roll-up doors for warehouses are in fact characterized by a minimum encumbrance of the winding and absence of ceiling hooks, which allows the installation of industrial rapid doors in any architectural context, even when the ceiling is not load-bearing.

Another BMP solution is the industrial rapid folding doors: these are industrial rapid doors with great resistance to wind, air flows and even extreme weather phenomena, which makes these closures ideal in any industrial context even as large industrial doors.

Areas of application for industrial warehouse doors

BMP industrial roll-up doors and rapid industrial doors are versatile and resistant industrial closures with minimum structural requirements, high standards in terms of performance and safety, minimum maintenance.

Thanks to their tailor-made design, they meet any closure requirement both in terms of size and logistics: BMP industrial doors can be adapted to any structural context, from company warehouses to large industrial spaces, for example in the naval or airport sector.

Industrial hall closures are therefore the ideal solution for a variety of applications: warehouse doors, rolling doors and insulated shutters, insulated and soundproofed industrial doors, hangar doors, industrial doors for intensive use.

Many industrial sectors in which BMP has installed its doors for warehouses are the result of its know-how and decades of experience in the field of industrial closures: from the refrigeration and food industry for the correct insulation of environments, to the airport and shipyards with flexible, robust and safe packaging doors, to the logistics sector with doors and shutters for loading bays, each company can find the most suitable solution for its needs.

  • Excellent quality, reliability and safety, as stated by our patents and certificates
  • Great versatility, flexibility and structural strength
  • CSI certificates
  • Reduced overall dimensions, thanks to the curved profile of our roll-up doors
  • Small footprint
  • Noiseless opening and closing system
  • High thermal conductivity
  • Wind resistance
  • Designed to solve different industrial logistics problems
  • No ceiling anchor, unlike traditional sectional doors
  • Simple design
  • No extraordinary maintenance required, just the ordinary maintenance required by the rules in force
  • Easy to install
  • Easy and fast handling operations (means, materials and people)
  • High-quality packaging with the use of polystyrene boxes
  • Compliance with technical standards provided by law
  • Self-repairing doors
  • Industrial products that guarantee the same quality craftsmanship of Made in Italy
  • Product branding on request

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